Tuesday, September 15, 2015

If you could be someone else, who would you like to become?
I suppose I’d like to become myself, as more often than not I have the feeling of being someone else.
However, sometimes being yourself can be the most difficult thing.
Is this happening because the idea of “I” is an illusion?
Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t an illusion. But how real is the world that we perceive around us? Perhaps the idea of “I” is real and the world is an illusion?
How can we answer to this question?
We can’t. We just have to do the best we can do. But one day, when we are not part of this game anymore, the truth may reveal itself to us…

("Butterfly Dream" by Marian C. Ghilea)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rhetorical question

I am just wondering, what will happen if some years from now the population of the Palestinian Territories becomes larger than the population from Israel and a couple million people decide to suddenly cross the barrier and move into Israel. Unarmed. There will be no way to stop them, except killing hundreds of thousands, and that won't be an option. And once in there, they will also vote for the next government. It seems to me that it's better for Israel to make friends with the civillian population from Palestine and it better start today. Peace!
The displayed photo is from globalresearch.ca

My two cents about the conflict in Gaza

The military campaign started by Israel in Gaza two weeks ago has polarized the world with many heated discussions and arguments in media, on internet forums or on Facebook. Some people may ask themselves: why so much fuss for just several hundred dead? There are several conflicts around the world that pass in magnitude the one involving the fiths bewteen Israel and Hamas. The misery in Syria is sky high and the death toll and suffering there is unspeakable. So are the still existent problems in Darfur or the troubles with the new "Caliphate" in Iraq.
Yet, there is a very noticing difference between Israel and all the other countries involved in conflicts. Syria, Iraq, Palestine - DO NOT have a high living standard, they DO NOT have some of the best schools and universities in the world, they DO NOT have even a decent economy, they DO NOT have some of the best research centers in the world, they DO NOT have some of the best military technology. So, from someone who is uneducated, poor and without subsistence means, few expect a civilized behavior, while Israel has all these, yet contiues relentless campaigns in Gaza if any provocation appears. These campaigns killed many thousands of innocent civillians during the last years.

More than this, the other countries involved in conflicts don't have territorial claims outside their boundaries and don't annex land from the neighbors as Israel does through the illegal settlements that are NOT recognized by the UN (except this so-called "Caliphate" in Iraq wants to unite Syria and Iraq under their domination, and nobody takes them seriously enough yet, unfortunately). Also, the other countries involved in conflicts haven't kept any neighbor into a continuous blokade for years (Gaza is under total economic blokade since 2006). The rockets fired by Hamas are obvious provocations, they produce panic, disrupt the normal life of the people, but don't make a lot of damage. And this is what Hamas wanted - to provoke Israel as much as they could. On the other hand, it seems to me that Israel was preparing for months for this campaign and couldn't wait for any provocation to begin this military operation. But trigger-happy governments as the one leading Israel right now are not going to generate much sympathy from the rest of the world.
I don't support Hamas - they are just radical Islamists that don't do any good service to the world. But, first of all, they would have not come to power in Gaza had Israel (and the rest of the world) done more about the Palestinian problem. And yet I see an escalating conflict during the last decade with more and more extremist people coming to power with every election in both Gaza and Israel. However, in this conflict we have one Israeli civillian and over 600 Palestinian civillians killed. When a strong country destroys a weak country, albeit one led by extremists, killing hundreds of innocent people, the world can only condemn it. Israel has to be very careful about its actions, because the world sees it and people will draw conclusions that may hurt it a lot politically and economically on the long run.
Personally, I still hope for a peaceful solution where both parties respect the UN resolutions and preffer negotiations to fighting. The image source is from BBC News.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The story of a water drop 2


Dew drops on a rose petal during a sunny morning. My reflection is also visible in one on them while the other reflects a flower from the garden. One can also remark the slight bend of the drops, due to the force of gravity.

The Other Shore - a free ebook until the end of July

Is the time always flowing with the same speed and in the same direction? Do we live in a dream or do our dreams live in a real world? If a temporary bridge connects us to another corner of the Universe, how would we see such a world? How would we change it? How would it change us? If we encountered an extraordinary advanced civilization, will we acknowledge its existence at all?

1795. Excelsior, a military brig on a routine sea mission disappears without a trace, just to return to her harbor three months later with an incredible story. Alberto Shimada, the second officer on board is separated from his crew during a fierce fight with the locals of a mysterious island where gold is as cheap as stone. With his direct access to the coast blocked by the enemies, he treks along a mysterious river with the intention to reach the shore in a farther away area and return to his people by sea on an improvised raft. But things becomes stranger and stranger along his journey, as he seems to live several lives at once. He falls asleep in one just to wake up into the next. Faced with the Chuang Tzu dilemma about the man dreaming of being a butterfly or the butterfly dreaming of being a man, Alberto doesn't know which one of his lives is real.
A young woman and her father save the officer from the brink of death and help him recover in a mysterious village. Alberto falls in love with Nivit and they begin a journey across the mountains nearby planning to reach the shore and return to Excelsior. A snow storm blocks them in a cave and Nivit can't survive the prolonged cold. Now Alberto is split between his duty for his crew and his desire to cross into the world where Nivit disappeared and save the woman he loves. Can he do both? In the end, which one of all the existences he experiences is the real one? And what kind of universe is hidden behind the shores of this mysterious island? 
A pleasant lecture with unexpected turns of the story and a completely unpredictable end.


Rebirth - a photo taken in 2012. A human hand reflected on a water drop gives the impression of a person trying to emerge from it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A report on world population - to day

An interesting page can be found on this address. It is based on the CIA world fact book and is updated daily. There are almost 6.7 billion of us on this planet. One can see that the daily increase of the world population is about 212,000, i.e. the size of a small country... While the European Union, Russia and some other Western Nations have a negative or a small positive tendency, South and Latin America have a moderate growth while some areas in Asia and Africa have a huge annual population growth. Of course, India has the highest population growth, having every day almost 50,000 more citizens than in the previous day. China is the second, with a daily increase of almost 23,000 people while Russia owns the negative record, with a daily DECREASE of over 1,800 people.

Saturday, May 10, 2008